Aryakul New Student Orientation Day Program


“Twenty Years from now,

You will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

So throw off the BOWLINES,

Sail away from the SAFE HARBOR

Catch the trade winds in your Sails.

Explore              Dream                Discover

-Mark Twain

Aryakul Navaagaman is a New Student Orientation Day Program for students who have enrolled themselves in Aryakul Campus in various courses. Navaagaman is designed around the new students, helping to uncover the answers to the questions new students have, and providing them information about campus resources, programs and services.

This program “Navaagaman” is an opportunity to learn how to navigate campus and will introduce Aryakul Community. During the program, students begins to build a network of resources that will help them to start Aryakul Journey on the right path.

At New Student Orientation “Navaagaman” there are many things to find out :-

   ♦ The introduction of Management/ Teachers/ Staff and others

   ♦ Schedule of Classes

   ♦ Financial Aids & Schlorships

   ♦ Hostel and Meal Plan

   ♦  Books and Book Bank

   ♦  Committees & Cultures

   ♦  And many other campus resources

Additionally, during New Orientation Day Program “NAVAAGAMAN” students learn tips from senior students, teachers and staff who will serve as guide during the time at Aryakul Family.

New Student Orientation Day Program also provides students with a chance to meet other incoming Aryakul students.

So New Students be prepared to meet new people and to make new friends, orientation “Navaagaman” is your chance to show everyone that you are ready to explore a new world of experiences.


Keep Moving, Keep Getting!!