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Uttar Pradesh ,despite being the most populous state of the country has been largely untouched by the global economic metamorphosis hitherto. Owing to the richest pool of natural, historical, cultural and human resources Uttar Pradesh certainly contains a potential promise. What it needs is the catalyst that can set the environment for tendering and harvesting these resources by providing appropriate professional educational opportunities keeping in pace with the new technological development, economic growth and placement opportunities reaping the harvest of booming Indian economy.

At Aryakul Group of Colleges, we invite youth to the best  college in lucknow who will happily co-operate in carrying on the rich traditions of college. Here you will find support in development of the body, mind and spirit and the nurture of those graces which make a person truly educated. High scholastic achievement is deserved and usually secured by our students but the development of a divinity like character is the first and the essential aim.


Aryakul College of Pharmacy And Research

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