The Aryakul group of colleges which is run under guidance of managing director Mr. Shashakt Singh organized the cultural events as well as intellectual events for enhancing the inner quality of students. The term intellectual means something related to or using the mind or intellect which comes under Aryavidh. In aryavidh various types of events conduct like poem Writing(Hindi/English), Slogan writing, poster presentation, model presentation, Quiz, Mock campus, Debate, Extempore etc in which some off stage or some on stage programme. The persons who run this event involved Miss Roshni Rizvi, Mr. Amit, Mr. Irfan Shahid, Mr. Rohit Mohan etc. This is a fabulous programme and increases the level of mind and presence of mind. Students participate in this programme and show their ability by using intellectual techniques.

INNOV 8 is the annual fest which is celebrated every year at the end & ARYAVIDH is one of the intellactual part of it.


The event ARYAVIDH  is undertaken by the students representing as participants from 4 different houses. The students are categorised on the basis of their houses. The houses are-

Name of the House Colour Assigned
Takshila Red
Nalanda Blue
Ujjain Green
Vallabhi Yellow


S.No. Event Theme
1. Slogan writing
2. Poem writing
3. Poster presentation
4. Model presenation
5. Quiz
6. Debate
7. Extempore