Aryakul Fresher’s Party


     “There is no strangers in here just friends you haven’t met”

                                                                                               -Roald Dahl

Fresher’s Day is a welcome party of newcomers in a friendly atmosphere to encourage their creative impulse to boost their confidence. A lilting music and a chink of ice, new faces, smiles all along, resounding laughter and a party time.

“Arya-इति” is a day of juniors, a beautiful entertaining cultural extravaganzas comprising of dances, melody songs, skits, humours choreography, excitements and enthusiasm. On Fresher’s Party, students exchange their thoughts experiences and other CCA’s. The program always starts with the worship of Goddess Saraswati and lighting of lamp following with the addressing of hon’able luminaries.

Every year on “Arya-इति” college gives the title of proud Aryakul listed below:

  • “Arya-इति”/ Miss. “Arya-इति”
  • Elegent/ Miss Elegent
  • Talented/ Miss Talented

Students have to go through with 3 rounds of different competitions i.e. Intro/ Ramp Walk Round, Talent Round and Question & Answer Round. The award is being awarded to the winners of titles by the dignitaries. In the series of program, everybody enjoys their cores, and always dreams for more.

College is not just a place where you will learn answers to a lot of life’s questions,

But also a phase which will make you question a lot of life’s answers…….